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APA Youth

At Arthur Pentecostal Assembly, we value youth and believe that they aren't just our future, but our present as well.

If you are in grade 7-12 APA Youth is for you. At APA Youth we focus on three things; gathering, growing and serving. When we gather weekly, our time together is focussed on creating a positive, supportive community where youth from Arthur can connect with peers and have a great time. Whether that be crazy games throughout our facility, watching movies and playing board games, or hosting video game tournaments, the goal is to give youth a sense of belonging. We also desire to give youth the opportunity to grow. Grow in their faith, grow as a person and grow in their confidence. We have an amazing and growing set of leaders and mentors here at APA Youth. We also believe in moving each other to give back to our community and our world by adding value to people's lives and community organizations, showing kindness through helping people.

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